Guided Sound Meditation for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Guided Sound Meditation for Stress and Anxiety Relief

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This 44 minute, 44 second meditation has been created for the relief of stress and anxiety. Using harmonious and specifically attuned instruments, along with guided breath and visualisation practices; this guided meditation with Sound Healing targets specific energy centres of the physical body to aid in relieving stress and tension which the body often stores up, and helps to minimise the emotional stress which often accumulates in the mind. This recording features the voice of singer and sound healing practitioner Ruhiya and includes a special feature from award- winning fusion musician and multi-instrumentalist - Zayn Mohammed, who offers the ancient sounds of the bowed 'Rebab' (as played by Rumi) and the beautiful end-blown reed flute, called the Ney.


Written and arranged by Ruhiya

Produced by Zayn Mohammed 



How should I prepare for this meditation?

Simply download the meditation onto a music playing device (phone or laptop); and then ideally connect with speakers. This will not only enhance the sound quality but reflect the vibrations and frequencies which are beneficial to the listener. We highly recommend downloading the MP3 and switching off any Wifi devices during this guided meditation. Some people opt for dim lighting or lights off completely, which we also recommend. You may also like to enhance the room with aromatherapy, candles or incense, in order to bring about a sense of calm energy and peace to your environment. 


What time of day should I do this meditation?

Although sunset/sundown is known to be a powerful time of day to meditate, there is no specific time to do this meditation. The most important points are to:

a) Find a time and place that works for you

b) Listen to the audio when you are able to sit or lie down without discomfort or disruption from that which is external to the meditation. e.g. prevent the possibility of being disturbed by others or disrupted by calls or messages from mobile phones, close the curtains etc. We recommend turning off all mobile devices that may ring or sound alarms etc.

Note: Please do not listen to this guided meditation while driving or operating machinery or heavy equipment.


How often should I listen to and practice this meditation?

Every individual has different requirements, needs and constitutions. For those suffering from stress or anxiety, we advise starting by listening to and practicing this audio on a regular basis, to increase the impact of benefits contained within it. Later you can then use the guided meditation whenever you are feeling anxious or under stress.


How will I feel during the sound meditation?

There is no usual or expected way to feel during or after the meditation. On one particular day or time the mind can be noisy and busy - you may find yourself being more distracted by it, or you may doze off and fall asleep. However on another day, you might feel joy, bliss and happiness and go into a deep state, with little effort. There is no right or wrong way to experience this meditation, and indeed you are likely to find that you experience it differently on different days.

Note: If you find yourself having dozed off, please be aware that this state of "sleep" induced by meditation is a deep state of relaxation and quieting of the mind which does not mean you have not tuned in to the meditation, on the contrary, it is a positive benefit and a powerful state in itself, though the mind may not be aware of it or given to remember anything from it. This is perfectly normal and fine. 

What should I do after having listened to this guided sound meditation?

Relax, breathe deeply, and  remain aware of any thoughts as they come and go, making an effort to let them pass freely before the mind, without attachment or identification, allowing yourself to remain in a state of contentment and silent awareness.  Be sure to drink plenty of water and try not to dive into any activities directly after meditation, which may cause mental or physical exhaustion. This is so as to retain the open state brought about by your practice and listening. You may like to take a walk, stretch or breathe deeply to ground yourself. We recommend refraining from drinking or consuming alcohol on the same day as your practice, to allow for the maximum increase of healing benefits, which are contained in this guided meditation.