Power of Music - wellbeing report and plan in the UK

Hello Friends,

I thought some of you may be interested in reading the newly published report on the Power of Music wellbeing report compiled by UK Music and Music for Dementia. 

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For those working in music and health, part of the work at the present time is in educating, and explaining to people how it works. Many of the people I speak to experience the joy of music, and yet find it hard to believe that sound can actually heal ailments. It can be perceived as "woo woo" until it is experienced, or explained in the Scientific terms of vibration and the power of entrainment.

So, it is really encouraging to see an increase in Government support and funding for music in the health sector, which includes a budget towards an information campaign on music's healing benefits. 

"The Medicine of the future will be music and sound" - Edgar Cayce.

I get a little bit excited when I imagine a time when we no longer need to explain the sacred healing properties of music! When we remember as a society the power music holds, and we use it to uplift and heal ourselves and one another. I say remember, because our ancestors knew this, and indigenous peoples too, they know this. 

Furthermore, speaking as a sensitive musician who is just trying to stay afloat in a digital world of 30-second attention spans (!) - life is sadly not easy for musicians at this time. The statistics when it comes to musicians and their mental health, addiction, and suicide, are harrowing.. and many musicians are having to compromise on or simply give up on their dreams because it can be so difficult to make a living from music at the present time. This is a great shame, because music is a gift that everyone benefits from! Digital music cannot fill the void or bring the joy and healing that live music can.

Even when your career is "going well" with lots of live concerts; the lifestyle of travelling a lot and playing as an entertainer (often with the intention of the venue to sell alcohol and keep people drinking), can take its toll on musicians (particularly if you don't drink!) So, I believe that there is a growing need in society for spaces where music is intended for healing and spiritual connection, as live music played with intention can truly elevate, heal and raise us to a higher vibration. Thankfully that need is being heard, and initiatives such as this are being born.

If musicians can be offered regular paid work within health settings, alongside their teaching and concerts, everyone can benefit. So, I am hoping that the power of music spreads far and wide! 

Gratitude to all involved in this campaign, and to all who are sharing the power of music. 



Love Ruhiya


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