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Dear Friends,


I am happy to announce that yesterday my new EP "Carry Me Home" featuring Jakey Boy Hughes was released. The music is available to stream on Spotify and Deezer, and if you are feeling supportive, you can also purchase a digital copy directly here


This EP is comprised of 4 acoustic songs: Carry Me Home, Dancing with Angels, Don't Let Me Fall and a cover of Bob Dylan's classic "Blowin' in the Wind". The songs weave together a story of the inner and outer worlds, renewal, and peace. 


On the tracks, you hear myself singing vocals, and Jakey Boy Hughes singing harmonies and playing the guitar. I also play the Celtic harp on "Carry Me Home", and have added field recordings of the dawn and evening chorus of birds, also recorded during the lockdown. The songs were recorded live at Hellens by Mu-Mu Recordings in Herefordshire, and then mixed and mastered by Stoyan Storn Stoyanov at VST Studios Dubai. 


"Carry Me Home" was written during the lockdown itself as a feeling of a homesickness for a place I have never known, or forgetting, but have a feeling for... a spiritual home... and the journey of finding that in the heart, in the stillness, and especially when immersed in the beauty of nature. 


"Dancing with Angels" was written over a decade ago, inspired by the stories of women who have experienced abuse, but been able to heal and move on from their trauma. Stories I had read in the book "Half The Sky", and stories shared by women I am close to. 


"Don't Let Me Fall" was also written one morning as a spontaneous melody and lyrics that came to me during the lockdown. After the lockdown I reached out to Jakey having not seen him since Sixth form college, because I knew he was living somewhere not too far away in this rural part of England. I knew this song was meant to be sung in harmony with a nice folkey country guitar vibe!


"Blowin' in the. Wind" is for my Dad, who is a big fan of the 60s Peace songs, and loves this Dylan classic. This song was also lovely to sing in harmony! Here is an early practice recording of that song.



The cover art is a photograph of an old Oak tree that I have known since I was a toddler. During the Covid 19 lockdown I found myself returning home for the first time since I was a teenager. I would walk every day to this tree in a nearby farmers field and take refuge under its branches. 


I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who was a part of this project: Jakey Boy Hughes, Paul and Matt from Mu-Mu Recordings, Joe Singh at SnapRockandPop, Hellens and Stoyan Storn Stoyanov at VST Studios.


Thank you for listening.








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