January Newsletter

Dear Friends,  

I hope your 2024 is off to a positive start, with time to reflect on the year just passed, and enough good intentions and openness for sweet memories to be experienced this coming year.

It is an intense time in the world. I hope you are finding moments of peace and presence amidst the political turmoil. 

As promised I have a new date for Sound & Silence (online via Zoom):
Wednesday 17th January at 20:00 (GMT).

Booking link here.

I look forward to hopefully seeing some of you there!

I am also looking forward to travelling to Paris later this month to share music for a spiritual retreat and special event.

If you will be in Paris in early February, do send me a message and I will share with you the details.

Lastly, (but more importantly), I have been very moved by this important message from our elder brothers from the Kogi tribe of Colombia, received from The Mother. Please share as widely as you can.

We must act now before it is too late for us...

How kind Mother Earth has been to even allow us to reach this point.

May we do all we can to live lightly, and walk with reverence and respect on this beautiful Earth. 

With love,
More links on the Kogi:
Free documentary:

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