Crowned by Devi!


In celebration of women's history month, one of my favourite human beings, Swatee, dedicated this beautiful flower crown to me, designed by the amazingly talented Devi Leiper O'Malley


Devi began making these collages because she found that they brought happiness to people- and it certainly brings much happiness to me! Swatee shared with Devi my favourite colours, flowers, birds and even one of my favourite musical instruments. Then using a photograph of me taken by my friend Joseph Singh, Devi combined some of my favourite things and artistically created this gorgeous collage!


Devi and Swatee both work in Feminist funding with incredible passion and dedication, particularly focusing on grassroots women and girl led organisations across the world. It warms my heart so much that amongst the intensity of their work, they prioritise joy, art and playfulness (in a field of work that can often be heavy and disheartening)- so thank you so much Devi and Swatee- for your generosity and for crowning me this Women's History Month! 


Ps. Check out their inspiring collective Closer Than You Think  


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