August Newsletter

Dear Friends,  

I hope the recent 8/8 Lion's Gate portal has brought much abundant beauty and transformation for you! 

It has been a busy time; public and private performances, sound healing events, teaching, organising a huge family reunion in Ireland with my siblings, and planning my next house move.

Amongst it all, my beloved Lola (Grandmother) joined her beloved Lolo Diego in the spirit world, on Sunday 23rd July, aged 96 years old. Unfortunately, I was not able to travel to the Philippines to be there for the wake and funeral, but my mother was luckily able to. I feel grateful that with the help of others including my sister Marilyn, Coolie Dread and Zayn Mohammed, we were able to capture some of her energy and spirit in this song and video for her 90th birthday. 

I've been thinking about that a lot, how music expresses the time and space in which it was produced. Music is like a time capsule that can instantly transport you to that place. I went to a Motown night the other evening, and each song brought such joy. I have such happy memories associated with hearing those songs on my Dad's vinyl player as I was growing up. The energy of Motown is so infectious, joyful and alive. On that note- if you've never watched "Standing in the Shadows of Motown", I highly recommend it for all Motown lovers. 

In Ireland, I brought along my Celtic harp and some folk songs I had been learning in the months leading up to the trip. Celtic music moves the heart in a particular way... there is such a love of the land expressed, an intimate relationship with nature, and an openness of heart that reflects the warm-natured, loving Irish people. The myths and the magic of Celtic folklore, the backdrop of wild weather and rain, the historic hardship and pain... Ireland is just the kind of place where beautiful music is born. 

Next, I'll be travelling to Tunbridge Wells in Kent to sing at a very special women's only festival Heart of the Rose from 1st- 3rd September. 


The land was once said to house a Temple of Isis... this will be an intimate women’s festival to honour and re-member the way of the Heart, the wild mysteries of the Feminine, and the Feminine path of Awakening…

I do have 1 discount code available, at £111 for a weekend ticket. The first one to reply to this message can have the code! <3 

With love, 



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