1:1 Voice Lessons with Ruhiya


Empowering and Inspiring You to Sing with Ease, Confidence and Joy!

Thank you for your interest in voice coaching with me! 

My approach is a holistic one; combining relaxation, visualisation and body awareness, to enable singers to find their authentic natural voice. As a vocal coach I combine Classical and Contemporary vocal methods for increasing your vocal range, improving your vocal tone, and bringing a sense of ease and versatility to your voice. As a qualified sound healing instructor, I also recognise the powerful effect of the mind-body connection, and how anxiety, trauma and insecurity can directly affect vocal sound and performance. We will use your the body as the amazing instrument that it is, learning how to breathe with your whole body, and sing with your entire being! Through my experience and lessons I have learnt on my 3+ decades of singing, I can help you to feel confident in your voice and help you to clear mental blocks so you can enjoy the gift of singing! 

My lessons are suitable for both absolute beginners who are simply looking to explore their singing voice and have fun singing; up to Intermediate level singers who are looking to become professional, or already work professionally, but perhaps might need specific assistance with vocal tone, power, creativity or confidence.

 “Ruhiya started teaching me a few weeks ago and within the first lesson I had achieved the most I have with any music teacher I have before, she helps you relax and let your voice flow and you can achieve a lot within the first few weeks and feel like I’m a better singer overall with her guidance.” - Jasmine


In addition to vocal work, I really enjoy helping singers with their artistry; increasing and expanding musical repertoire, improving performance, creating a brand, and branching into new genres. I can also share songwriting tips, and show you ways to increase creativity and inspiration.

Public speakers can also benefit greatly from voice coaching. If you would like to improve the tone or power of your speaking voice, this is also something that I can help you with; through breath work, posture, vocal practices, mindfulness, and guided speaking practice.

 “Ruhiya was my first vocal coach when I started to learn Western music. She is one of the best teachers I have ever come across. She is very patient and knows exactly in what ways to teach a particular lesson so that a student can gauge the essence of it all!” - Neha


As a professional recording artist with a two-decade career, I have a wealth of experience and expertise to share with students. I am passionate about music and about encouraging and nurturing creative talent. I try my best to make my lessons engaging, fun and inspiring!

I have had the joy of performing all over the world including in London, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, New York, Miami, Dubai, and the Philippines. I have released 2 original albums and 2 original EPs, featured on the works of other artists, and continue to write and record original music.


Vocal and performance coaching for Ana's Got Talent, Dubai

My expertise comes from my lived experience as a singer, learning primarily by listening and immersion. However, I also read western music notation, Hindustani music notation, and hold a Grade 5 in piano. I have taken vocal lessons with prominent teachers including Neil Semer (Classical vocal technique), Mehboob Nadeem (Hindustani Music), and Jojo Acosta (Contemporary vocal technique); and further music lessons with Zayn Mohammed (Jazz/ear training), and Brona McVittie (Celtic harp). Many other teachers, musicians and friends have inspired me along this journey, so I thank them too for their support and guidance. 


Online (via Zoom/WhatsApp/ FaceTime) @ £45 (1 hour)

In person (Glastonbury) @ £55 (1 hour)



5 lessons @ £200 (online) / @ £250 (in person)

10 lessons @ £380 (online) / @ £480 (in person)


Please reach out to me via the contact form on this website to check availability. You will also be invited to a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your vocal goals. I look forward to hearing from you!